Seychelles Bank Account with the major bank in the Seychelles

  Business bank account including Internet Banking and Debit Card EUR 695
  Opening and introdcution of a personal- or business bank account without a company EUR 895

Above fees are covering the opening of a bank account in the Seychelles and includes, internet banking in English for your day to day banking, phone fax request to withdraw moneys, multi currency account, USD, EUR, GBP etc.

The Seychelles bank account can be opened online, means by e-mail or Skype or any other electronic communication form and you do not need to visit the Seychelles, further it is not required to have a company incorporated in order to open the bank account.

Key Information for the Seychelles Bank Account

  • Multi Currency bank account
  • Bank has it's own SWIFT code
  • Optional Debit- or Credit Card
  • Online Banking / Internet Banking in English
  • Min. Deposit $5000.00
  • Monthly fee $20 if the balance is below $500k
  • Account opening takes between 1 and 2 weeks

Please Note : All personal bank accounts will need to maintain a minimum balance of US$50,000 and US$ 100,000 for corporate bank accounts in the Seychelles, if you fail to maintain such minimum balance the bank will simply close your account.

To apply for a Seychelles bank account, please contact us