Rates and Fees for the CCLogic Merchant Services

The rates and fees depends very much on which solution we choice for your e-commerce or online venture,
and what type of business you are into.


Online Pharmacy businesses are required to incorporate a company in Cyprus through CCLOGIC Ltd in order for us to provide the Merchant Services for this business, there is no exception! Also, please note that we can't guarantee the final approval of your business even if you have made the incorporation as required. - In the case your business is approved, we only offer VISA processing.

Online Gambling / Online Casinos, Poker sites - PLEASE READ

We can't provide any merchant acount for such business unless the company holds a valid EU license for this activity.

Please note! We do not provide the payment processing, but the credit card processing is tailored through processing partners and acquring banks.

NOTE!: We can only accept merchants who incorporate a company in Cyprus through CCLOGIC Ltd, if no Cyprus company formation take place it is required to have a European company in order to apply and we will charge a setup fee, depending on your business model and the nature of the business.

Our Payment Processing rates can be set in the above categories and are ONLY standard rates, the final
rates you receive from the bank can be lower or higher.

Merchant Account Services

So, you have decided to accept credit cards on your website as an online payment method. This is good news as it will make your products and services available to international consumers as well as offering convenience.

We accept and place Merchant business from the following type of industries:

  • Adult Entertainment
  • Pharmaceuticals (only none controlled)
  • Gaming - Online Casinos and Poker websites
  • Sports Betting
  • Replica - needs a disclaimer on your website.
  • Regular E-Commerce
  • Financial Services, like stock trading and currency exchange
  • Software Download
  • Electronical Services

Please also consult our Merchant Account FAQ for the most asked questions we receive on a daily basis.

For all type e-commerce merchant accounts below are the basic conditions:

- Multi Currency processing
- Weekly Payouts 7 days in areas
- 10% Holdback / Rolling Reserve in 180 Days
- All major Credit and Debit Cards accepted
- Merchant selling Pharmaceutical products, only Visa acceptance.

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Apply Online for a Merchant Account!

Please note, we do not accept business with a monthly volume below € 5.000.
If you complete the Merchant Account Application without a valid e-mail or phone number we will delete your application.

How to open a Merchant Account through the services of CCLOGIC Ltd, below we have made a 1,2,3 step by step guide for new clients to obtain a merchant account with the help of CCLOGIC Ltd, should you still have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

First Step to open a Merchant Account

When you consider to open a Merchant Account for payment processing on your website it is important to ensure your website is compliant, means you will need to have a privacy policy and return policy in place visible to your customers. Further we require you to request our merchant accountapplication which will be send to you upon request, this is the very first step in order to apply for a merchant account.

Second step to open a Merchant Account for credit card processingOnce you received the Merchant Account application, you will need to complete it, first just complete the application, you don't need to send us all the required documents listed in the merchant account application, to start with just the application and we will ask the bank for an pre approval. If your business is considered high risk, please do assure that your website don't contains any hidden links and don't try to fool the Acquiring bank, they catch you!


The final step to obtain the Merchant AccountWhen we obtained the approval for your Merchant Account, it is important that you follow the instructions of the payment processor and Acquiring Bank, to ensure a fast integration and avoid delays, we would suggest you to hand over the integration guide for the payment gateway to one of your developers, further, collect all required documents and submit them at once to the bank, thats way faster then sending it one by one.

Depending on the type of business and the monthly turnover the rates will be higher or lower.

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Key Information on the Offshore Merchant Account

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