Testimonials and Reviews about CCLOGICWe have collected all the reviews about CCLOGIC Ltd we got from only a few of our clients, most are simply not interested to provide a reference / review of our services because of privacy reasons which we hope most of you understand.

We will frequently update this section and hope that we will be allowed by our clients to publish more! With over 400 registered offshore companies, Trusts and Foundations in the Seychelles, Cyprus and Belize which we have under Management we are growing fast and would really appreciated to publish your review soon.

We will update with new testimonials and reviews from our clients (only thus who have given their permission to do so) as we receive them, we frequently get new so you may keep looking at this page for updates.

The below references are given directly by the client and have not been modified in anyway by CCLOGIC Ltd. We want to thank all our clients for the trust in our company.

If you have any questions in regards to our services or need help please do not hesitate to contact us.

Simptex Trust Inc.
CCLOGIC (www.cclogic.com) is currently the Offshore Company Formation agency I rank highest. I assume that, first of all, a well established company with real offfice and is properly regulated in a European country, and (b) that they have too much of a reputation to lose to play dirty tricks with mass market customers. I have always received professionally written and timely polite replies whenever I submitted a question by email or Skype. If you can become a client of CCLOGIC, this is a good option. However, for the residents of some countries, they will not accept accounts; obviously, this is a move to reduce the likelihood of fraud.

Bill Carnegie
Simptex Trust


  • Carnegin Capital Ltd
    CCLOGIC (cclogic.com) is one of the companies I like more compared to the many I have been in touch with you guys were the most professionals to answer my questions even I had many, it is important for me to know exactly what I have to do and what to consider before I startup a offshore company you guys where a great help also I downloaded you e-book http://www.offshore-company.eu/hello-peter-d which compares different jurisdictions and as well was great reading, you rocks will recommend you to anyone I know.

    James Franks
    Carnegin Capital Ltd

  • Vertical Management Inc.
    I wanted to say just how much I LOVE my Offshore setup... The latest help I got from you guys that allows me to safe huge in taxes from both the main business and personally is just great. I'm for the first tim into such and was afraid to be scammed and not to understand how this will work but was able to managed it all. This is something that I have wanted to be able to do for some time now. Awesome work CCLOGIC!!

    Steve Gillespie
    Vertical Management Inc.

  • Investment Reload Inc.
    I was truly amazed by how much this company [CCLOGIC] reduced my costs and taxes, over and above not only other company's out there, but over the vast majority of other Guros. The hard work put in by CCLOGIC's consulting team, and the achievements accomplished in writing down such cool opportunities, not only decreasing the tax but also increasing the privacy protection, makes this the best company in the market. Well Done to the CCLOGIC team.

    Roy Rule Hulbert
    Investment Reload Inc.

  • Pointers Islands Ltd
    Me and my partners are in the process to start a new business. We have been working with Mr. Derek and Mr. Andersen (cclogic.com) on our project for one year. We have been very pleased with their professionalism and their willingness to work so closely with us to build our perfect business. Cyprus's building code meant we needed some special assistance to meet all the requirements. Mr. Derek went out of his way to make sure we could make it happen. We would highly recommend anyone who is considering a similar project contact Mr. Derek or Mr. Andersen and experience the same expertise, friendliness and expert customer service.
    We really enjoyed working with them as we made our dream come true!

    Pauline Galvin
    Business Management
    Pointers Islands Ltd

  • Simple E-Commerce Inc.
    We've used CCLOGIC for 2 years and in that time they have consistently supplied a professional and friendly service, and they've never missed a deadline. We have always been pleased with the quality of their work.

    Vicki Cordy
    Simple E-Commerce Inc.

  • Dragon Systems Inc.
    Thank you for your follow up, I did receive the documents, I'm impressed and had an opportunity to look through them. I am very happy, so is my partners. We will recommend CCLOGIC to other business partners over any other offshore Offshore agency service.

    Lizabeth Milano
    Dragon Systems Inc.

  • Simi Professionals Inc.
    I just want to say thanks for your prompt and efficient service.. The documents including my Debit card arrived well within the timeframe given.. Have passed on your details to a friend of mine, don't know wheather its been used or not.. thank you so much Mr. Derek - CCLOGIC.COM.

    Richard Murray
    Simi Professionals Inc.

  • Logic Investment Inc.
    Our first search on google raised a lot of questions about you guys but If you were to line everything up on an untruth scale, they would all be at 10, and all the other numbers would fall off and trickle away. That scale is wrong… Start from the beginning. Everything you just read is bullshit. ... we have been please with your service, we started with a simple order and took it to a higher level now, all that can be said CCLOGIC and their team accomplish everything we required without any delays.

    Ben Peachey
    Logic Investment Inc.

  • Simple E-Commerce Ltd
    Excellent practical advice, excellently delivered that will be of major benefit to me in my day to day work to expend my business, have been please with Mr. Derek's guidance through the process to setup our offshore company. My recommendations for CCLOGIC goes to all that need a real professional service without all the lies most will tell you to get your business.

    Tanya Petrovscy
    Simple E-Commerce Ltd

  • Xolymer Inc
    For those wanting to go offshore, CCLOGIC Ltd is a solid blend of service, quality and value. If the consultant you are currently working with not know the answer to your question he easily find it with his colleagues. I have been please with the services and they delivered what they said. Will any time give my recommendations.

    Laurem Soy
    Xolymer Inc

  • Polymer Ltd
    CCLogic doesn't spend much on splashy ads, but in large surveys, its customers say CCLogic Offshore Services is terrific in every way -- low prices, helpful customer service and no hassles over claims. CCLogic is a well established company in Cyprus , and it operates in every place except a few countries Still, it's small in comparison to the big-name companies, and reviews say CCLogic is very picky about its clients.

    Lacyns Jarvis
    Polymer Ltd.

  • Trade Tang Inc
    One in the many well known companies in the setup of Offshore Companies and Offshore Banking. CCLogic Ltd is an Cyprus based company which started out in 2008 in Nicosia, I became a member shortly after they opened the doors while I was nervous if this is a scam and if I get what I paid for decided to place my order since that time I have been a happy client off CCLogic Ltd, I recommend them to several of our business partners which as well got satisfied with the services they provide.

    Sabina Gill
    Trade Tang Inc.

  • Thunder Blade Inc.
    CCLOGIC has a great potential to make you a successful home based entrepreneur. If you are confident of your marketing skills and techniques, then this would be the easiest job for you. Moreover, if you are always keen on learn something new and want information about offshore companies you consult these guys, CCLOGIC can earn you loads without a lot of effort. We appreciate their help and glad we took the step.

    Gillander Latorus
    Thunder Blades Inc.

  • Galo Tornage Ltd
    One of the most amazing things about CCLogic is that it really provides you with those strongest and hardest privacy and asset protection you can not even think of and there are absolutely no side effects. If you are looking for a way to protect your privacy and assets, CCLogic is who you want to consult…

    Gaison Tyraki
    Galon Tornage Ltd

  • Tamy Force Ltd
    This was a great escape from all the stress of planning our Offshore Company set up on a day to day basis, it was a great deal too, only 585 Euro for company setup in the Seychelles. Just relax and no hassle to set this up, everything was managed within a few days, CCLogic is very polite and trustable.

    Benjamin Scott

    Tamy Force Ltd

  • My Business Alliance Ltd
    CCLogic ? A offshore company formation agent? Thanks, but no thanks! I outgrew this scam a long time back. Uh-huh. That was me about a half year ago. Ah, how little I knew. It took a lot of persuasion from a lot of people before I'd even think about giving them a chance. Even learning that the whole thing I read about them was a big lie - watched various forums religiously, did not convince me immediately that the CCLogic was the real deal. How I could be so blind, stubborn, and dense, I have no idea. Thank goodness I finally caved, because the first thing they did was actually to incorporate my company and that within only 1 day - I got my corporate documents only 48 hours later in my hands - You guys Rock my world!

    All the best ….

    Mira Gustafson
    My Business Alliance Ltd

  • Perfect Card Ltd
    Getting the right agency to help incorporate a company is not an easy task on the internet. I should know as I tried this before for one of my friends. I am always on the lookout for new opportunities that can help me to increase my profits at a reasonable cost. However when I compared the level of professional replies I got on my conversation with Mr. Andersen of CClogic vs. Fidelty Offshore I was getting, I couldn't resist. I made the buy only to find that the choice was right. Our company was incorporated in Cyprus within 9 days and our net profits has gone up substantially as a result of the tax laws in Cyprus and Monday the 8th was one of our biggest day's in business. We had doubled our orders from the previous months because we are able to lower our prices incredible much because of the tax and VAT structure CCLogic helped us to accomplish, not to mention our growth in monthly turnover have gone through the roof. Thank you guys for the very fair price and for the (sales) that you have given to us. Good luck with hitting your 1000ths company mark!"

    Simon Granty
    Perfect Cars Ltd
  • Super Troops Limited
    I have been involved with over 5 offshore company formation of different types and sizes and different offshore services, and CCLOGIC (specially Marten) is on the top of my reference list to my future setups. It is also a company that every first timer must be introduced to supplement their knowledge and learning of the right structuring of an offshore set up.

    Dion Swanson
    Super Troops Limited
  • Dorun Smart Slim Ltd
    I highly recommend Mr. Derek at CCLogic as a tax and "nice to know" tutor if you needs assistance to set up a offshore company in the Seychelles. Mr. Derek (and the rest of their team) is very effective and has a wonderful, straightforward way of working with customers. From what I have observed, they are very strong in the set up of a company with the right structure. Whish the best to all of you guys.

    Chris Collishaw
    Dorun Smart Slim Ltd

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