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Who’s to Blame for the Financial Crisis?

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  • Who’s to Blame for the Financial Crisis?

    By Barbara Zigah The findings of the recently published Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission won’t come as any great surprise to those investors who’ve followed the stories of the financial crisis from the beginning.  Succinctly stated, the Commission found – as many individuals have been saying all along – that the crisis could have been averted.  [...]

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    I don't think there is no one else to blame then the big financial corporations in the US!
    Dont run after 3 balls when you cant even catch one.


    • #3
      I completely agree with blueweb. I was just readin a book by Michael Lewsi "The Big Short. Inside the Doomsday Machine" explaining how Wall Street firms basically created the crisis.


      • #4
        Thank you for the tip Haas-Wilson, great book actually.
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          Borrow Borrow Borrow! this is the social behavior which has ruined our nation and now we are standing at verge of worst financial crisis in history of our country and there are no guarantees that we will survive during this crisis and come out as united nation again.


          • #6
            Actually we cant blame on anyone there are different type of things including behind this so first will have to identify it before blame on someone.


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