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Radix Capital takes over CCLOGIC Ltd


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    The below is a list of consultancy firms, legal & accounting services who are able to help you control and manage your offshore company should your current agent not be able to help you. The use of the below listed offshore company service providers is used at own risk. CCLOGIC Ltd can't be held responsible for any lack of service provided.

    The below list of offshore incorporation services is a service provided free of charge to our current members of this forum in an effort to...
    Cyprus company formation and offshore companies for businesses and personal use! We offer a wide range of services from company formation to offshore banking in lots of different jurisdictions.
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  • New Virtual Office Services Available - Update - 2014
    We are please to inform you that our Virtual Office Service with phone / land line in the Seychelles is back again, together with the following additional services.

    Seychelles Virtual Office
    • Seychelles Virtual Office with phone / land-line
    • Mail forwarding and Seychelles postal address
    • Land-line lease for 12 months
    Total costs first year EUR 995

    UK Virtual Office
    • UK Virtual office with phone / lan-line
    • Mail forwarding and UK postal address
    • Land-line lease for
    04-09-2014, 10:56 AM
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  • Barclays in the Seychelles just rised the minimum balance,need new offshore bank!!
    Hello, I just got informed that Barclays in the Seychelles rised the minum balance for corporate bank accounts to USD 100,000 and personal accounts to USD 50,000 this is much more than what I have in my account on a annual basis Can anyone please suggest a new offshore bank which don't have these insane minum deposit amounts? Here is what I got from Barclays Bank in the Seychelles: Dear Esteemed Customer Barclays Bank (Seychelles) Ltd a member of the Barclays Group has been pioneering in providing world class service to all our customers including those in the offshore sector. We continously strive to find ways to bring world class banking faciliti...
    01-16-2012, 05:55 AM

  • Radix Capital takes over CCLOGIC Ltd

    February 4, 2011 Seychelles, Victoria, 04-Feb-2011: Radix Capital today announced the acquisition of Cyprus based CCLOGIC Ltd. CCLOGIC is a consultancy firm in the business of Incorporation services and asset protection in connection with complex Offshore Company structuring. “CCLOGIC is operating a legitimate business which takes measures on each business case to prevent any illegal activities. They also comply with the recent money laundering laws and the patriot act regulations to ‘know your customer’”, said Marc Densinger, Vice President in charge of Acquisitions and sourcing. “CCLOGIC is an innovative small company that has during its short lifetime developed an impressive marketing strategy and client database. Radix Capital intends to continue developing CCLOGIC to be a profitable business and expand our commitment to the existing clients .

    Radix Capital has already put knowledge and resources into the company to extend the area of professional services provided by the company.

    We expect to make additional contributions in the future.

    CCLOGIC Ltd is not a static company which has its focus on only one jurisdiction; it is focusing on many different jurisdictions which will have a synergic effect if chosen correctly.

    CCLOGIC Ltd’s contractual relationship with the lawyers, accountants and other professionals comes up for renegotiation next year. Radix Capital fully expects to negotiate an extension of that relationship.
    Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

    More information can be found online at
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