Virtual Office Sevices - Cyprus

We can offer you or your company virtual office services in Cyprus. You can have a business address and we can receive mail for your business and forward it to you . You can also have your own business phone and fax numbers making it appear as if you are actually situated at the office.

The associated annual costs and details of our services are as follows:

Provision of mailing address and mail forwarding EUR 450
Provision of telephone, or fax lines EUR 990

The client is given dedicated telephone and fax lines and incoming calls can be answered by a secretary during normal working hours. A message is taken which is e-mailed to client. Faxes are forwarded to you via e-mail or fax.

Alternatively, we can answer the line in your Company’s name and transfer the caller to your phone or we can automatically forward the incoming call to your telephone so that you can answer it personally. This option requires a deposit to cover the cost of the forwarding from Cyprus to your Country. When deposit is about to be exhausted, you will be asked to replenish it.

We charge the following usage fees :

Forwarding letters EUR 5
Forwarding packages and courier shipments EUR 20

On the above we add the postages costs.

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Virtual Office Services Seychelles

Seychelles virtual office - P.O.Box with mail forwarding by courier or fax EUR 650 / Year
Seychelles Phone line +248 Phone number - Seychelles (+248) NO call forwarding possible EUR 450 / Year
Seychelles fax number Fax number - Seychelles (+248) with forwarding by e-mail EUR 450 / Year

Virtual Office Services
Throughout the year 2009 we received a number of enquiries from clients regarding Virtual Office Services.
With the spotlight on the use of Low Tax Financial Centres having increased substantially since the advent of the International Banking crisis, it is now vitally important that any IBC set up “Offshore” be seen to be managed and controlled from Offshore.
Because (depending on where the IBC owner lives) if the IBC is seen to be managed and controlled from onshore, then it can be taxed onshore. More worryingly, (again depending on where the IBC owner lives) severe penalties (including criminal penalties such as imprisonment) can be imposed on any IBC owner who fails to declare locally income earned by the IBC.
Now that 2010 is here, we would like to share some exciting news with you…

CCLOGIC Ltd now offers a Complete Virtual Office Package for IBCs including:

• a unique Seychelles PO Box Number
• a Seychelles website domain address
• a Seychelles (.sc) email address
• a Seychelles +248 fax number; AND
• a Seychelles +248 phone number which redirects incoming calls (at nil cost) to wherever the IBC owner may reside.

No other Seychelles service provider is able to offer you such a complete Virtual Office Package.

PO BOX Service

For a yearly fee an IBC can also have its own private PO BOX at the Seychelles Central Post Office in Victoria.
With this service the PO Box is published to the IBC’s customer and suppliers with our client services staff monitoring each box on a daily basis advising the client by email, the same day, of any mail received. Mail received will then by on-forwarded by email, fax, airmail or courier as advised by the client. (Additional costs apply should the client wish to have mail forwarded by air mail or courier).

Telephone & Fax Services
By leveraging the latest cutting-edge voice-over-IP (VOIP) technology (which has revolutionized the international telecom business over the past decade), CCLOGIC LTD is now able to offer unparalleled telephone and fax services.
With this unique CCLOGIC LTD offering the client receives his/her own Seychelles (+248) telephone number with the choice of either a voicemail/message forwarding service or call redirection to the client’s local hand phone (or computer).
As regards the fax service the IBC owner receives a Seychelles +248 fax number with all incoming faxes passing automatically via email to the client’s preferred address (with the original fax in PDF format included as an attachment to the email).

  • Voice Packages
  • Voice Standard
  • Your own Seychelles (+248) telephone number
  • Voice mail service (delivered by email as a WAV file attachment)

Voice Premium
• Your own Seychelles (+248) telephone number
• Voice mail service (delivered via email or pickup)
• You receive a free VOIP soft phone (you can also use any other soft phone or IP phone that supports standard SIP protocols) to pick up incoming calls or calls can be delivered to a voicemail service

Fax Package
• Your own Seychelles (+248) fax number
• Incoming Faxes are delivered automatically to your preferred email address as a PDF file

Other Virtual Office Services and actual offers can be found at our forum.

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