Cyprus Company Registration fees

  Cyprus Company Registration fee* costs in euro 1.595 ~ USD 2.035

Cyprus Company - Ready-Made company ( Shelf Company )* costs in euro

Annual fee without nominees or additional services. (2nd year fee)

1.995 ~ USD 2.545

995 ~ USD 1.275

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Annual Fee / Ongoing Yearly fee

  Company secretary (required by law) costs, in euro 450 ~ USD 575
  Registered office (required by law) costs, in euro 450 ~ USD 575
  Nominee directors (optional) (per nominee) costs, in euro 450 ~ USD 575
  Nominee shareholders (optional) (per nominee) costs in euro 450 ~ USD 575
  Foreign nominee shareholder (optional) (per nominee) costs in euro 895 ~ USD 1.139
  Foreign nominee Director (optional) (per diretor) costs in euro 895 ~ USD 1.139

Registration fee includes:

  Apostilled registration documents and shareholder certificate.
  Official Company certificate
  Memorandum of articles and registration certificate
  Power of Attorny (POA)

Incorporation duration

  Typically it takes 7 - 14 days for the company to be registered.
  For ready made companies (shelf company) it only takes 1 day before you can start doing business.

Cyprus Company Formation Important Information:

Cyprus Company Formation - Account RecordsAccounting records must be kept by every company in Cyprus.
Cyprus Company annual audited financial statementsAnnual audited financial statements must be submitted to the Inland Revenue and Registrar of Companies in Cyprus.
Cyprus Company - TaxA Cyprus Company only pay 10% TAX on profits. If the Cyprus Company is registered as IBC 0% Tax apply.
Cyprus Shelf Company - Ready MadeWe will send you the latest list of Cyprus Shelf Companies on request and if needed.

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ADD ON Services

Accounting ServicesAccounting services - CCLOGIC offers to maintain the required accounting services for your Cyprus Company once it is registered.

VAT Registration of your Cyprus CompanyVAT Registration - If you need your company to be registered for VAT, CCLOGIC offer you to complete this registration for you and will also be able to submit the quarterly VAT submission for your Cyprus company.

Annual Report for your Cyprus companyAnnual Report - CCLOGIC offers to complete and submit the annual report for your Cyprus Company.

Dedicated Phone line in CyprusDedicated Phone with a Cyprus phone number - CCLOGIC offers all it's clients a dedicated phone line with a dedicated phone number, we can switch the Cypriot phone number directly to your local phone number or we offer a pick up phone service, where incomming calls will be taken by our receptionists.

Virtual Office for your cyprus companyVirtual Office Services - As part of the mandatory Registered Office address in Cyprus, we also offer to forward all mail received on the Cyprus companies address to an address of your choice.

Incorporation of a Forex Trading Company in Cyprus

We are able to incorporate licensed Forex Trading companies in Cyprus for clients worldwide, for more information
please visit our FAQ - Forex Trading Company, how to - or contact us.

For more information and to order a licensed Forex Trading Company, please follow this link: Register Forex Trading Company with license.

This is what you need in order to Register a Company in Cyprus

Register company in CyprusA copy of passport or other picture ID
Register a company in Cyprus with electricity billUtility bill (phone or electricity bill) not older than 3 months.
Register a company in Cyprus / Cyprus company FormationAgreement which is send to you on request.

Nominee Services when you register a Cyprus company.

Cyprus company formation with nominee services If you dont want to be listed at the public register of companies in Cyprus, you will need to order a nominee shareholder and director.
Nominee director when you register a company in Cyprus A Nominee Director is a local or foreign person which will act as director on behalf of your Cyprus Company.
Nominee Shareholder for your Cyprus Company Formation A Nominee Shareholder is a local or foreign person which is registered as shareholder for your company in Cyprus.

Most of our clients choose our nominee services (nominee director and shareholder) when they order a Cyprus Company Formation, however, it is not required.

CCLOGIC will introduce you to practising auditors and accountants that will provide these services at very reasonable costs which are always agreed in advance with the client.

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Different types of Cyprus Companies, learn which one you will want.

We have 2 types of Cyprus companies, as far as their tax status is concerned. These are:

(a) A Cyprus resident company which is taxed at 10% on its profits.
(b) A Cyprus non-resident company which is not taxed.

The place where management and control of the company is exercised determines the residence status of the company. If the majority of the company Directors are Cypriots, then it can be assumed that decisions are taken in Cyprus and the company is Cyprus resident. This is why we use Cypriot nominee directors.

A Cyprus resident Company pays 10% tax, can get Cyprus Tax Resident Certificate and can distribute to its shareholders all remaining profits without any withholding taxes. Also the company can take advantage of more than 40 double tax treaties that Cyprus signed with various countries. It can get a VAT Registration number.

A Cyprus non-resident company, pays no taxes, but it cannot take advantage of the double tax treaties network and cannot get a Cyprus Tax Resident Certificate. It cannot get a VAT Registration number.

Registered Office must be in Cyprus since it is a Cyprus company. It cannot be anywhere else (any other country)

NOTE: We have some additional information at Cyprus Company Formation

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