Forex Trading License

Forex Trading License

What are the costs to Register a fully licensed Forex Trading Company in Cyprus?
The fees depend very much on the information and the prepared documents we receive from you, we advice to let CCLOGIC prepare all required documents.

Forex Trading Company registered and licensed in Cyprus EURO 25.000 - 50.000
The fee includes the preparation of a business plan, draw up the operations manual and completion, submission of all required forms and documents.

Obtaining the Forex Trading license by the CYSEC, the authority in Cyprus for Forex Trading Companies
The license fee is EUR 2.000 and need to be paid and all documents need to be submitted before we can receive the license.
There are minor additional fees like stamp duties, certificates and proof of license which fees are in the range of EUR 5.000 to 8.000

The above fees are based on our expirience in forming Forex Trading Companies and to obtain a license by the CYSEC and include the entire setup.

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Some Information about Forex Trading License:

There are a lot of money making opportunities available, but most people don't bother to think outside the box. Instead of finding a niche market that isn't saturated, individuals choose to follow in the footsteps of others. Whatever money making opportunity has the most information in Google, they will most likely try to pursue. Of course, chasing a profit in a market that is saturated simply isn't the right way to go about things.

Instead, why not take the time to research markets that are not as saturated, and offer profits that exceed those of the smaller markets. So where are we going with this? Start a Forex Trading company!

Forex Trading is one of the best ways to make a huge profit in the world. It suppasses the likes of any internet marketing opportunities and is definitely a lot easier to run than the likes of an ecommerce website. Better still, as long as you offer a great incentive program, you can have people promoting your business for you. Of course, the good thing about the incentive program or affiliate scheme is that you won't even need to pay the people marketing your business until they make a sale. This represents a low risk high reward business model.

So instead of being the person promoting the products and services, set up the products and services and let others battle it out. The affiliate markets are literally dripping with people ready to promote your products. What does this mean for you? Well, it means that you'll never be short of people promoting your business and all you need to do is focus on the day to day running of your Forex Trading Company.

Better still; the more people that promote your products and services, the better coverage it will get. This means other affiliates will find your business and before you know it you'll have a huge network of affiliates across the world fighting to get a sale for your company. Essentially you have a sales workforce disposable at your finger tips, constantly introducing your Forex Trading Company to new clients - what could be easier?

The great thing about setting up a Forex Trading Company is that everyone else thinks it is too complicated. For this reason they will steer clear of this money making opportunity and go for much more viable options. What they don't know is that there are plenty of companies that specialize in the formation of these specific companies. You pay them all the basic fees and they will literally do all the work for you.

So to sum up everything we have mentioned above. If you want to be the one doing the least work and making the most money, then you should look at setting up a Forex Trading Company. There are companies that will quite happily take care of the setup. Once it is setup you need to produce an affiliate scheme, which means you won't even have to focus on getting clients!