imageAsset Protection
Asset Protection in Offshore Jurisdictions, one of the most effective ways to protect your privacy, anonymity and your assets is to incorporate a offshore company which is structured in a way that won't reveal the beneficial owners (you) identity. Making it difficult for your creditors, lenders and others to find you is the first choice to protect your assets. Read More


Virtual Office

Virtual Office in Cyprus, we can provide your company a Virtual Office facility covering, our real office address to receive postal or courier mail, a real phone or fax number with call forwarding or to be picked up by our reception. We can offer a Virtual Office in Cyprus for any company also Offshore companies.

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Cyprus Banking

Cyprus Bank Account, anyone can open a Cyprus bank account weather it is a personal or corporate bank account, a Offshore company or low tax company then we are able to help you to open a Cyprus bank account with the major banks in Cyprus who all offer English Internet Banking, Visa / Mastercard Debit card and multi currency account i.e. USD,EUR,GBP etc.

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imageCyprus Company
Cyprus, did you know that a Cyprus company can be resident and pay 10% corporate tax or that it can be non resident and pay 0% tax (tax exempted)? If not then you are at the right place, we can help you to incorporate your Cyprus company to reduce your businesses tax burden. Read More


Seychelles Company

Seychelles, a Seychelles company incorporation offers the most reliable privacy and anonymity compared to most other offshore jurisdictions. Actually it is possible to open a Cyprus bank account to gain all benefits of an EU bank account for your Seychelles company. A Seychelles company don't pay any tax or need to file any tax returns.

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Belize Company

As an alternative to the Seychelles or Cyprus we are able to help you to incorporate in Belize as well, learn more.


BVI Company

As an alternative to the Seychelles or Cyprus we are able to help you to incorporate in the BVI as well, learn more.


Interest Foundation

For an additional layer of privacy and anonymity we can help you to establish a Private Interest Foundation in the Seychelles. learn more.

Cyprus Company Formation

Register a Cyprus Company through our company formation services, below we have outlined a few of the necessary terms to learn in order to get a better understanding..

Apostilled Documents Cyprus Company Formation with CCLOGIC LLC comes always with apostilled documents A Cyprus company Formation with CCLOGIC comes always with apostilled documents.
Company Certificate Cyprus Company Formation with Company Certificated from the authorities. When you incorporate a Cyprus Company with us, you will receive a official Company Formation Certificate
POA Cyprus Company Formation with Power of Attorney With your Cyprus Company Registration a power of attorney follows, which gives you the right to conduct business on behalf of the company.
Registered Cyprus office address Cyprus Company Formation with Registered Office Address When you form a Cyprus Company with CCLOGIC it is possible to use our registered office address in Cyprus.
Tax & Vat registration Cyprus Company Formation can be done with Tax and Vat registration by the Cypriot authorities Cyprus Company Registration includes (optional) TAX and VAT registration
Original Documents Cyprus Company Formation where original documents are send to your personal address When you incorporate your Cyprus Company with us, we will courier the original documents to you.
Nominee Services Cyprus Company Formation with Nominee Services We offer Nominee Shareholder and Director Services for your Cyprus Company Formation.
Cyprus business Bank Account Cyprus Company formation with Cyprus Bank Account for your total solution. Once the Cyprus Company Formation takes place we can open a Cyprus Bank Account for your company.

Cyprus Company Formation Fees Cyprus Company fees Cyprus Company Formation Fees Register Cyprus Company - Application

Cyprus Bank Account

To open a Cyprus Bank Account you will not need to visit Cyprus nor the Bank, below is a little key information for your help.

Opening of Bank Account Cyprus bank account with one of the major banks in Cyprus We will introduce you to one of the major banks in Cyprus
Multi Currency Bank Account Multi Currency Cyprus Bank Account with the largest banks in Cyprus The bank account can be hold in multi currency, EUR,GBP,USD ect.
Optional Visa Debit Card Visa Debit Card for your Cyprus bank Account, can be used in any ATM WorldWide A Visa Debit Card for the bank account which can be used at any ATM
Advanced Internet Banking Your Cyprus Bank Account comes with advanced Internet Banking to Send Wire Transfers, check account balance and much more Send Wire Transfers from your Internet Banking Access and much more.
Real Cyprus Bank Account Real Cyprus Bank Accounts with IBAN account number and SWIFT code for the Cyprus Bank where the account is hold Own IBAN account number and SWIFT code for the Bank in Cyprus

Cyprus Bank Account Cyprus Bank Account fee Cyprus Bank Account, Online Application Apply Online

Seychelles Company Formation

To register a Seychelles Company is easy, we can incorporate your company in the Seychelles within 1 hour!

Setup of the Seychelles Company Setup of your Seychelles company and registering the Seychelles company with the companies house in the Seychelles We will setup your Seychelles Company and register it with the Seychelles companies house.
Seychelles Registered office address Seychelles Registered office address The Seychelles company will have a registered office address where it is possible to receive mail.
Notarised set of documents Notarised documents when the Seychelles company formation has taken place All documents will for legal purpose and legitimation be notarised
Apostille set of documents Apostilled set of notarised documents when the Seychelles company Formation take place For legitimate purpose the notarised documents will be apostilled.
Nominee Services Nominee Director and Shareholder can be appointed for the Seychelles Company, gives anonymity We offer different types of nominee shareholders and directors to be appointed.
Opening of Bank Account The Seychelles Company can open a business bank account As the Seychelles company Formation takes place, we will be able to open a business bank account for the company.

Seychelles Company Formation, fee Seychelles Company Formation fee Seychelles Company Application Incorporate Seychelles Company - Application

Asset Protection

Asset Protection through Cyprus or the Seychelles, we can help you regardless how you want to achieve it.

For a proper asset protection for anyone doing a successful business or investments, it is important to consider the jurisdictions of the paramount company, to achieve the optimal asset protection which also stands against civil laws in the different non offshore jurisdictions. We have developed some asset protection packages further to some graphics which we would like to show you. We only offer Asset Protection services in some limited offshore jurisdictions because we want to make sure you are achieving the best protection possibel.

Asset Protection Offshore Asset Protection Offshore

Offshore Bank Account

Offshore Banking in the Seychelles, Cyprus or Bahamas, we have plenty of option to open real offshore bank accounts.

Offshore Bank Account in the Bahamas, Seychelles or Cyprus, we can open bank accounts for clients worldwide and with the major banks in the different offshore jurisdictions.
Important to note is that even so it is a Offshore bank account you are going to open then some restrictions apply as well as you will find a few requirements which need to qualify for in order to complete this process.

Offshore Bank Account Offshore Bank Account

Virtual Office Service in Cyprus

Need a Virtual Office in an Offshore Jurisdiction for privacy protection and anonymity? We have the right solution right here.

We can offer to you- or your company a virtual office services in Cyprus. You can have a business address and we can receive mail for your business and forward it to you, it is less expansive than what you may believe! The Virtual Office in Cyprus can be ready for you within 24 hours including the Phone and Fax lines, learn more at the below link.
Virtual Office Cyprus

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