• 1 Incorporate in Cyprus , Incorporate your company today! from *€1.595
  • 2 Incorporate in Belize , fast and hassle free! from €995
  • 3 Incorporate in BVI , flexible and no tax jurisdiction! from €1.695
  • 4 Incorporate in Seychelles anonymous & fast incorporation! from €650
  • 5 Cyprus Bank Account Banking for the pros in offshore businesses! from €649
  • 6 Virtual Office Services for Tbusinesses and personal use! from €450
  • 7 Incorporate Hong Kong Fast and affordable for everyone! from €1.795
  • 8 Forex Trading License to be regulated with your financial business!
  • 9 Private Interest Foundation, for tailored asset protection. from € 3.495
  • 10 Trust establishing in Cyprus and the Seychelles!, Ultimate Asset Protection vehicle! from €3.495
  • Cyprus Corp.
  • FX Trading
  • Packages

Incorporate in Cyprus fast and hassle free incorporation service

When you are looking for a cyprus company formation don't look further, we have it all covered. We Incorporate in Cyprus fast and hassle free.With our incorporation in Cyprus packages you get it all covered, regardless if your looking for entity to protect your assets or for trading with banking or if it is a offshore trust or Seychelles foundation (PIF) or just a offshore company with 100% privacy and anonymity, find the package that meets your requirements! Get your business started with our help today, don't look any further we get your covered.

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Forex Trading License for the professionals! , CySec License Cyprus.

CySec license for Financial Service providers in Cyprus, for forex trading and payment providersCCLOGIC Ltd has specialised in the obtaining of the famous and popular CySec license for professional financial service companies. Our aim is it to make this process as simple as possible and hassle free. We provide a range of documents and offer a great level of support during the entire process so that your company can start doing business fast.

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All major offshore jurisdictions covered... starting from €649.

Find ready to ordr Offshore Company Formation packages that include everything you need, so offshore banking and incorporate documentsDuring the many years in this business we have been looking and the most offshore jurisdictions available. But we picked only a handful that we offer our clients. These are Belize, BVI, Cyprus, Seychelles and Hong Kong , thus are covering 98% of all of our clients requirements. For banking we have 16 additional jurisdictions

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Porefessional offshore company formation services for clients worldwide.
Knowledge is power
At CCLOGIC Ltd we partner with you to help you create a business solution that is tailored to your needs.

We know that the demand for business privacy, asset protection and tax optimization is high, so we provide a variety of offshore company formation packages to suit your need, for both offline and online businesses. It is our aim to help you create a business and financial structure that serves your needs.

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We provide professional offshore company formation services for your needs.

We offer a wide range of services when it comes to the incorporation of your offshore company.

Help to open offshore bank account and cyprus bank account

Don't look any further, we have it all covered, from company formation to offshore banking!

We can help you!
If you need help to register your offshore company we are right here with our support.
Offshore Company & Banking
You can contact us any time by live chat, e-mail, Skype or phone we are always at your disposal.

Get your official proposal from us today and don't look any further we have it all covered.

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Offshore Company formation and Cyprus company incorporation
Offshore Companies

We offer a wide range of offshore company formation services and banking.

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Asset Protection Services for privacy and asset protection
Asset Protection entities

Whatever your requirements may be, we got it all covered.

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Forex Trading CySec license and financial license cyprus
Forex Trading

Real CySec forex trading / financial license in Cyprus

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Cyprus Company Formation | Offshore Company Formation | CLOGIC Ltd

Hong Kong Company Formation :

Hong Kong Company Registration fee:

EUR 1795

 Second Year / Renewal fee EUR 1150
  • Registration of a HK Company
  • Hong Kong Office Address
  • Government Registration
  • Registered Office Address
  • Original corporate documents with apostille
  • Corporate Seal

» Incorporate Now «

Corporate nominee shareholder USD 850
Corporate nominee director USD 850
Private nominee director USD 1895
Power of Attorney USD 550
Opening of Bank Account in Cyprus USD 950

Hong Kong Company Registration

CCLOGIC Ltd will incorporate your company in Hong Kong and ensure that you will receive the original documents as required, the following is included in our standard packages:

  • Incorporation of a Hong Kong Company
  • Government Registration
  • Registered Office Address
  • Notarised set of documents
  • Apostille of notarised set of company documents
  • Courier Service

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There is hardly any city in the world, which is not affected by the current economic crisis. Hong Kong – the economic hub of Asia has also felt the aftershocks of this economic crisis. Thanks to the increased collaboration between China and Hong Kong, there has been increased recovery in the Hong Kong’s economy. Other factors, which make Hong Kong an ideal place to do business, are listed as under:

  • Many attractive business incentives
  • free market principles,
  • Political stability,
  • Many tax incentives

Owing to all these incentives, Hong Kong has gained the reputation as Asia’s most popular city for international business. If you are thinking of starting a new business or if you are considering moving your existingbusiness to Hong Kong you need to look for information related to Hong Kong Company formation.

There are many website online, which can help you with your new Hong Kong Company formation. You need to make sure to find the right company who is well aware of the rules and regulations of setting up an off shore company in Hong Kong. With the increased competition and heavy costs of production and employee cost, Hong Kong can be the best destination to shift your business or start a new one.

You can take advantage of doing business in Hong Kong in a number of ways, one of the major benefits of doing business or going for a new Hong Kong Company formation is that you get cheaper labor as compared to many other countries. The labor you find is pretty skilled and hardworking. You can also get many benefits in term of taxes, as Hong Kong offers you great opportunity to save huge amounts in your taxes.

The whole process of a new Hong Kong Company formation is very easy and takes no time; you need to think seriously about this option if you are seriously interested in making huge profits.

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