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  • 3 Incorporate in BVI , flexible and no tax jurisdiction! from €1.695
  • 4 Incorporate in Seychelles anonymous & fast incorporation! from €650
  • 5 Cyprus Bank Account Banking for the pros in offshore businesses! from €649
  • 6 Virtual Office Services for Tbusinesses and personal use! from €450
  • 7 Incorporate Hong Kong Fast and affordable for everyone! from €1.795
  • 8 Forex Trading License to be regulated with your financial business!
  • 9 Private Interest Foundation, for tailored asset protection. from € 3.495
  • 10 Trust establishing in Cyprus and the Seychelles!, Ultimate Asset Protection vehicle! from €3.495
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Incorporate in Cyprus fast and hassle free incorporation service

When you are looking for a cyprus company formation don't look further, we have it all covered. We Incorporate in Cyprus fast and hassle free.With our incorporation in Cyprus packages you get it all covered, regardless if your looking for entity to protect your assets or for trading with banking or if it is a offshore trust or Seychelles foundation (PIF) or just a offshore company with 100% privacy and anonymity, find the package that meets your requirements! Get your business started with our help today, don't look any further we get your covered.

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Forex Trading License for the professionals! , CySec License Cyprus.

CySec license for Financial Service providers in Cyprus, for forex trading and payment providersCCLOGIC Ltd has specialised in the obtaining of the famous and popular CySec license for professional financial service companies. Our aim is it to make this process as simple as possible and hassle free. We provide a range of documents and offer a great level of support during the entire process so that your company can start doing business fast.

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All major offshore jurisdictions covered... starting from €649.

Find ready to ordr Offshore Company Formation packages that include everything you need, so offshore banking and incorporate documentsDuring the many years in this business we have been looking and the most offshore jurisdictions available. But we picked only a handful that we offer our clients. These are Belize, BVI, Cyprus, Seychelles and Hong Kong , thus are covering 98% of all of our clients requirements. For banking we have 16 additional jurisdictions

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Porefessional offshore company formation services for clients worldwide.
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At CCLOGIC Ltd we partner with you to help you create a business solution that is tailored to your needs.

We know that the demand for business privacy, asset protection and tax optimization is high, so we provide a variety of offshore company formation packages to suit your need, for both offline and online businesses. It is our aim to help you create a business and financial structure that serves your needs.

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We provide professional offshore company formation services for your needs.

We offer a wide range of services when it comes to the incorporation of your offshore company.

Help to open offshore bank account and cyprus bank account

Don't look any further, we have it all covered, from company formation to offshore banking!

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If you need help to register your offshore company we are right here with our support.
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You can contact us any time by live chat, e-mail, Skype or phone we are always at your disposal.

Get your official proposal from us today and don't look any further we have it all covered.

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Offshore Company formation and Cyprus company incorporation
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We offer a wide range of offshore company formation services and banking.

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Asset Protection Services for privacy and asset protection
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Forex Trading CySec license and financial license cyprus
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Real CySec forex trading / financial license in Cyprus

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Offshore Asset Protection

Offshore Asset Protection

In the recent global recession many business owners have sadly lost their assets and equity in their companies that they have owned for many years, or have just started. This equates to millions of dollars of lost wealth that could have been avoided with the correct asset protection. If you fail to protect your assets correctly you are putting your business and your wealth at risk, you could lose it all with one mistake, one lawsuit or with another financial recession.

Done correctly asset protection will ensure that your business and your wealth stays in your control, no matter what happens. It minimizes your downside risk and will ensure that the worst-case scenario for you and your business won’t be devastating and you will likely be able to avoid it completely.

Protecting your assets isn’t difficult, all you need to do to achieve complete asset and equity protection is to register an offshore holding company in the Seychelles, Belize or BVI jurisdictions where your assets, equity and finances can be moved as they accumulate and can be protected from lawsuits, tax and any other unforeseen circumstances.

Achieving complete asset protection does not take a lot of work and it isn’t very expensive either. The most difficult part of the process is managing your finances correctly and obtaining and ensuring that you have possession of all the required legal documents that prove your assets and equity belong to the Offshore Holding Company and not to any trading company or individual. At CCLOGIC we can help to make this process simple and straightforward so that you can achieve complete asset protection without the worry of whether or not you have the right documents.

You can also increase your level of asset and equity protection by using a double holding structure. This offers complete protection if anyone questions the ownership of your assets and equity. An Offshore Company is registered and formed in one offshore jurisdiction, while a second company is registered in a different offshore jurisdiction. The second company is a holding company and owns shares in the first company. You can funnel your assets from your home base into your first offshore account, and then distribute profits to your second holding company. This gives you the most secure asset protection that is available. For example, you could have an offshore company registered in Belize and the second offshore holding company registered in the Seychelles. The second holding company (in Seychelles) will own shares in the Belize Company. Money is distributed from your home base into your Belize Company and then through to your Seychelles Company. This can be done with little or no tax implications. If something goes wrong then your assets, which are held by the second holding company, will be completely protected. Neither the beneficial owner nor the holding company will be hurt financially and no creditor or anyone else who is owed money can touch your assets.

Protection of family savings and investments from lawsuits and claims.

  • Protection against inadequate or unavailable insurance coverage.
  • Insulation of rental properties: to reduce your exposure to potential lawsuits.
  • Protection of business assets and accounts receivable from potential claims.
  • Elimination of probate.
  • Reduction of estate taxes.

Asset protection planning can be greatly enhanced with the addition of an offshore component to the financial and legal structure. One strategy that should be considered is the opening of an Offshore Limited Liability Company. It is comparably simple to create and maintain and offers a number of distinct advantages over other domestic and offshore plans
The Offshore LLC may be most appropriate for those in high-risk medical specialties and those for whom insurance coverage is inadequate or unavailable.

The Offshore LTD may be most appropriate for those in high-risk medical specialties and those for whom insurance coverage is inadequate or unavailable.


  • Creditor can’t reach assets
  • Offshore LTD is disregarded for tax purposes. No returns or informational filings are required.
  • Estate tax advantages are the same as the Family Limited Partnership.

Creditor Can’t Reach Assets
Assets in the Offshore LLC can’t be reached by a creditor because of the “charging order” limitations and the legal and practical inability to collect against the Offshore LLC in a foreign jurisdiction.
A “charging order” against an LLC membership interest, gives the creditor the right to receive any actual distributions to the debtor member. This will not be an effective remedy for the creditor, since no distributions will be made to the debtor under those circumstances. Neither the Offshore LLC nor its manager can be compelled to liquidate assets or distribute funds - even if the collection litigation is attempted in the foreign jurisdiction where the Offshore LLC is formed.

No Tax Burdens

In an effort to combat tax evasion through the use of offshore entities, substantial IRS filing and reporting requirements are imposed on foreign trusts, offshore corporations and foreign partnerships.

Applies for the us citizens: The Treasury Regulations treat the Offshore LLC, just like a domestic LLC. If intended to qualify, it can elect to be disregarded for federal tax purposes. That means no tax returns or informational filings are required other than the initial election to be treated as a disregarded entity.

3 Asset Protection Packages for Securing your Privacy and Anonymity:

  Asset Protection Package 1

  • Seychelles Holding Company
  • Cyprus Trading Company
  • 2x Cyprus Bank Account
  • Full Nominee Services
Our fee only EUR 5.270.00
  Asset Protection Package 2

  • Seychelles Trust
  • Cyprus Trading Company
  • 2x Cyprus Bank Account
  • Full Nominee Services
Our fee only EUR 5.600.00
  Asset Protection Package 3

  • Seychelles Trust & Foundation
  • Seychelles Trading Company
  • 2x Seychelles Bank Account
  • Full Nominee Services
Our fee only EUR 7.585.00

When considering to register a Belize or Seychelles Offshore Company with CCLOGIC, you will receive the following:

  • Registered company certificate
  • Original Corporate documents with apostille
  • Registered Office address, real address (important for achieving your asset protection)
  • Nominee Director and Shareholder (optional, but recommended for asset protection purpose an anonymity)

CCLOGIC LTD is specialized in the formation and registration of Offshore Holding companies in the Seychelles, Belize, BVI and Cyprus. We have helped hundreds of clients achieve strong asset and equity protection, which has been proved several times in the courts around Europe. CCLOGIC LTD has helped their clients protect millions of dollars that would have been lost without the correct asset protection.
For more information about the fees to register a Seychelles or Belize Offshore Holding Company or a Cyprus Holding / Trading Company, please follow the links below:

Seychelles Company Registration INFO! Asset Protection Offshore from Wiki, Primarily, the asset protection trust is a trust containing a spendthrift clause preventing a trust beneficiary from alienating his or her expected interest in favor of a creditor. However, other aspects of a trust may offer what are perceived to be asset protection benefits. For example, many attorneys have recommended the use of offshore asset protection trusts, the theory being that maintaining the trust in an offshore jurisdiction makes it less likely that a creditor will pursue the beneficiary's interest in the trust in the offshore jurisdiction.

For more information about the structuring of an Offshore Holding Company with underlying holding and trading companies, please do not hesitate to contact us through our ticket system, Our ticket system is encrypted and protected by a SSL certificate and provides excellent security for your privacy and anonymity.

Offshore Asset Protection can be an efficient instrument if the offshore company structure is build correctly. There are many different methods to achieve sufficient protection. The above listed packages are some simple ways to structure your companies as an asset protection tool. We can also help with the formation of Offshore Trusts in Cyprus, which can provide an additional layer of security, such as in Asset Protection Plan 3. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions you need answered.

Note: It is illegal to transfer assets to avoid a particular claim, to hide assets in a divorce proceeding, to commit perjury or to engage in money laundering with the proceeds of a criminal activity. As long as the plan is adopted at the right time and the client makes whatever disclosures the law requires, this planning is legal and in many cases necessary.

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal cited a survey of individuals with more than $1 million in assets. In 2003, 35% of those surveyed had some form of assetprotection plan, compared with just 17% in 2000. Of those who did not have an asset-protection plan in place, 61% were now interested in creating one.

{rokbox title=|Asset Protection Offshore - Simple Setup| thumb=|images/stories/offshore-simple.jpg|}images/stories/asset-protection-offshore-simple.jpg{/rokbox}{rokbox title=|Asset Protection Offshore - Semi Advanced Setup| thumb=|images/stories/offshore-medium.jpg|}images/stories/asset-protection-offshore-medium.jpg{/rokbox}{rokbox title=|Asset Protection Offshore - Advanced Setup| thumb=|images/stories/offshore-advanced.jpg|}images/stories/asset-protection-offshore-advanced.jpg{/rokbox}

Asset Protection with an Offshore Company Structure

Let’s take a quick look at how to accomplish bullet proof Asset Protection through the use of an Offshore Company Structure. It is important to have a close look at the timing and the future plans of a business in order to gain a rock solid asset protection instrument in place.

What you will want to do first is to register a Seychelles Trust also known as a Foundation. This will be the core of your asset protection plan as the Offshore Trust in the Seychelles provides the paramount layer of protection and anonymity through Trustees and a variety of complicated laws.

Secondly you will want to register a Seychelles Holding Company, a simple IBC through which your Seychelles Foundation is controlled. The Seychelles Foundation will be registered with nominees in order for you to be able to give instructions on behalf of the company without revealing your personal identity.

Next you will want to register a trading company. There are a variety of different options, the best option for your business will depend on where your customers are located and which markets you are involved in. Cyprus is the perfect place to enter the European market. With the shares in the Cyprus Company owned by the Seychelles Holding Company you will now want to have a nominee director, he will act on behalf of you, again your personal data will not be revealed while doing so.

Your Company Structure should now look like this:

  • Seychelles Foundation
  • Seychelles Holding Company w/Nominee Director
  • Cyprus Trading Company w/Nominee Director

It is important to have an offshore bank account for each entity of the above. Without a bank account you will not be able to receive or send any money. For the best results you will open a bank account in Cyprus for the Seychelles Foundation, you will also open another bank account in Cyprus for your Seychelles Holding Company and finally you will open a Seychelles bank account for your Cyprus Company and a day to day trading bank account in Cyprus for the Cyprus company.

You offshore asset protected company structure should now look like this:

  • Seychelles Foundation with Cyprus Bank Account
  • Seychelles Holding Company w/nominee director and Cyprus bank account
  • Cyprus Trading Company w/nominee director and Cyprus & Seychelles bank account

The next step is to start your business. It is essential that you never sign any documents or agreements of behalf of the Cyprus Trading Company without a POA / Power of Attorney. It is best to let your nominee director sign all documents on your behalf. If you do this then no creditor, government or any other government body will be able to penetrate this power pack of asset protection.